How do you clean stainless steel jewelry ?

How do you clean stainless steel jewelry ?Stainless steel jewelry is pretty easy to clean. Simply follow these steps:

1. Pour some warm water in a small bowl, and add some mild dishwashing soap.

2. Dip a soft, lint-free cloth in the soapy water, and then gently wipe the stainless steel jewelry with the damp cloth until the piece is clean.

When cleaning it, rub the item along its polish lines.

3. Wipe the remaining soap off your jewelry using a moist cloth dipped in clean water.

4. Dry the jewelry well with a clean towel, and then leave your pieces to air dry.

how do you clean stainless steel jewelry


After your stainless steel jewelry clean, polish or you can use a jewelry polishing cloth.
Some people use toothpaste clean especially dirty point of stainless steel parts.
But please remember, toothpaste abrasive.If you decide to use it to clean, to ensure that it is a non – whitening brand, including silicon, wipe with a soft cloth paste it to your work.
Don’t forget your thorough cleaning after the completion of jewelry.
The cleaning method is the other option is to buy stainless steel clean from the shop and in accordance with the instructions on the packaging.You can also buy a jewelry clean label says, it can be used for stainless steel – this brand seems to be appropriate
Maintenance and storage of stainless steel jewelr
Although stainless steel jewelry is not tainted or corrosion, do not need special care, it can be.
That is why you should wear and storage blocks, minimize any contact with other things can hurt your stainless steel jewelry.
If your jewelry is scratched, you can always have a professional jeweler.
Separate store your stainless steel jewelry made of other metals.It is best if you keep your stainless steel project personal bags or bags.