Cremation Jewelry is, jewelry that contains some of the cremated ashes of a deceased family member or loved one.

Dying is expensive. The average cost of a funeral with burial and headstone ranges from $8,000 to $10,000.

But a less costly alternative to this traditional practice has been gaining popularity in recent years: Cremation Jewelry. Jewelry for ashes has a long and somewhat obscure history, but has gained popularity in recent years. When Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, died of typhoid in 1861, she went into mourning. She remained in full mourning for three years, as did her court.


It was in this period when the beginnings of ash urn jewelry came about. At the time, it was called mourning jewelry and did not hold ashes: it was more symbolic than today’s cremation jewelry. With the rise and acceptance of cremation in society, cremation jewelry has become an important contribution to the memorial industry.

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Memorial keepsake jewelry is a relatively new arrival in the constantly evolving memorial products industry. Basically, cremation jewelry is a small pendant or charm that has an opening, through which you can place cremation ashes of a loved one. There is one very creative and innovation option which is memorial keepsake jewelry where you can store a small portion of ashes and wear the jewelry like any other regular jewelry item.

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