How much are stainless steel rings worth

how much are stainless steel rings worth? Stainless steel ring worth? Stainless steel ring must be more expensive than alloy, is much cheaper than gold and silver, etc.

how much are stainless steel rings worth
Is that the material, design, design, processing, etc., different ring price is different. Such as, stainless steel is divided into 304/316/316 L, 304/316/316 L, and 316 L will certainly be some more expensive than in 304. Ring plating color, plating gold, rose gold, black will be more expensive than the silver ring. Generally no diamond ring is 2.5 – $5,  if is set auger, it depends on what the diamond, there are many kinds can choose, such as: zircon, rhinestone, company and so on, the price is certainly not the same. In addition, diamond-encrusted way the price also is different, have to manually set auger and CNC set auger, manually set auger is cheaper than CNC set auger. If is set auger, general price estimates $3-10 also OK, still depends on the specific design choices.

If there are many kinds of style, like heart, skull, Celtic, etc., the prices are also the same.

Of course someone will ask: the size of the ring will affect the price of it? General situation will not influence, no matter you choose what kind of size, the price is the same. Influence of stainless steel ring and processing methods, processing fine will certainly be more expensive than rough machining. In addition, the casting would be more expensive than line cut, because of casting time is relatively long, line cutting is straightforward.

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