How much is a masonic ring worth? With different metal and details in the craftsmanship, there are many difference price of the masonic ring. Do you want to buy a masonic ring with a very cheap price? If yes, you can choose stainless steel masonic ring. It looks high-end and durable.

Goods’ worth depends on what it’s made of and the level of detail in the craftsmanship. You should be comparing it to college class rings. The price of gold and other precious metals has gone up significantly in recent years, so it might be worth a lot.

18K gold with some kind of precious stone in it and a lot of intricate detail, it could retail for as much as $1000 or even more. 10K gold or some (slightly) cheaper metal like silver, isn’t very heavy, and if it doesn’t have a precious stone or much intricate detail, it might be as little as $300 or so. If you want a straight answer, take it to a jeweler. Jewelers who specialize in Masonic rings aren’t hard to find using the internet, but you probably don’t have to bother finding one that specializes in Masonic rings…because a ring is a ring, Masonic or not. Any jeweler should be able to tell you.

Masonic Ring Worth

Are you supposed to wear it if you’re not a Mason? I think you probably know the answer to that. Would you wear a class ring for a school you didn’t go to? It’s a free country, you can wear whatever you want…but you haven’t really EARNED that ring, have you? I understand it has sentimental value to you as a family heirloom, but only a Master Mason should wear a Master Mason’s ring.

You’re not going to get in trouble for it, if a Freemason found out that you were wearing it without being a Freemason, it’s not as if he would do anything to punish you for it…but you’d probably lose his respect, because you’re misrepresenting yourself.

If you really want to keep the ring close to your body, my advice is to either:
A) Become a Freemason and then wear it with pride on your finger.
B) Wear it on a chain around your neck, under your shirt. You’ll still know it’s there and you’ll be keeping it close to your heart, but nobody else will see it.

how much is a masonic ring worth how much is a masonic ring worth