how to clean a stainless steel chain?

It is very inportant to how to clean  a stainless steel chain using warm water, mild dish soap and a soft lint-free cloth in steel jewelry manufacture. Wipe the jewelry in a gentle fashion until it is clean, and buffer along the polish lines. Wipe away any soap reside with a clean cloth, and allow the piece to dry.

When cleaning the chain, use a small bowl for the cleaning solution. After the cleaning process, use a jewelry cloth or polish to add extra shine to the jewelry. Using toothpaste can remove blemishes, but the abrasiveness of the toothpaste is a drawback. Use a nonwhitening toothpaste without silica, and use a soft cloth when applying the paste. Rinse the piece when finished. Using a stainless steel cleaner is another option.

Homemade solutions for cleaning chain include a hot water and baking soda bath, an ammonia and warm water soak, a denture cleaner, an effervescent antacid and water solution, and a simple mix of liquid soap and water. Different types of jewelry require more delicate or robust cleaning to protect their finishes while removing grime or tarnish, so apply your solutions with care, and test the mix on an unobtrusive area of the jewelry before immersing a piece.

how to clean a stainless steel chain