how to finish a leather bracelet?

It is very very funny to show how to finish a leather bracelet.Long live the leather jewelry trend!  Visit any craft store and you’ll find lots of premade leather bracelet cuffs and necklace cords that already have clasps and closures attached.  You can make some fun jewelry with them, such as the Pyramid Bracelet by Molly Schaller shown here.

But you don’t need to limit yourself to premade pieces.  You can finish any leather or suede cord in a neat, professional way.  The key is figuring out which option is ideal for your project.  Some  work best for smooth, round leather cords, while others are more suitable for flat leather lace strips.  Each technique will give your jewelry a different vibe: sporty, romantic, natural, classic; choose the one that fits your jewelry style.

Here are six of the easiest ways to finish your leather cords:

1. Knotting

Type of leather: Both round cords and flat lace

To end a long leather cord necklace (the kind that doesn’t require a clasp), simply tie an overhand knot with the ends of the cords.  Pull the ends of the cord to tighten the knot.  If the cord has some rough texture (like flat suede lace), the knot will likely hold without glue.  (The weight from the beads on the necklace will help keep the knot at the back in place.)

Tips: Instead of an overhand knot, tie a double overhand knot by making one more revolution around the bottom cord before forming the knot.  This is a stronger knot, but it is also larger and more bulky.

I’ve had mixed success with knots made with smooth, round cords; some hold, some do not.  If your knot will not hold tight when you let go of it, then try another finishing technique.

If the knot does hold, you can dab a little glue (such as E-6000 or GS Hypo Cement) on the knot using a toothpick in a well-ventilated area. Let dry.  Adding glue to a knot secures it, but also makes it stiff, which could make it uncomfortable against the skin.

Once you become experienced with simple knots, you can use more sophisticated knotting options such as sliding knots and knotted button-and-loop clasps.

2. Wire Wrapping

If you don’t want the wire wraps to show, you can cover them with bead cones, several jump rings, large-holed beads, or short bits of leather lace or cord.

In my Island of Capri Necklace, I used wire to wrap around the thin round cord connecting the beaded strands to the chain.  Then I used short strands of leather lace with simple knots to hide the wire.

3. Adding Holes

Use a leather hole punch to add a hole at each end of your leather lace. Make sure the hole is not too close to the edges of the cord. Use a jump ring to attach the clasp of your choice to the leather lace.

4. Using Cord End Findings

  • Hook cord end: One cord end has a hook, while the other has a loop.  The cord end is the closure; no need to add a clasp. This kind of clasp is better for a necklace than a bracelet; the weight of the necklace will help keep the hook from slipping out of the ring.

how to finish a leather bracelet