how to make a beaded wrap bracelet?

Bracelets are a very important jewelry piece that no girl can go without.This is the article about tips on how to Make a beaded wrap bracelet.Whenever in doubt, a bracelet can save your day as well as your look.Wearing the Native American Bracelet will make you feel closer to the traditional spirit of the American culture. The Native Jewelry attracts mostly those people who are the admirers of the classic and traditional accessories.

Tips of how to make a beaded wrap bracelet:

1,For a double-wrap bracelet, start by cutting a 1/4-inch by 14-inch strip of leather. For additional wraps, increase the length of leather in 7-inch increments –- 21 inches for a triple wrap, 28 inches for a quadruple wrap, and so on.


2,Using the screw punch, punch holes along entire length of strip at pen marks.

3,At the end of the strip of leather with only one hole, thread your twine through the hole from the back. Then thread the twine back through the loop and again through the hole from the back. Wrap twine around back of loop and thread through same hole, this time from the front, being sure the loop is secured tightly. The resulting knot marks the back of the bracelet.

4,Thread the twine through the next hole from the back and on the front side of the leather, add the first set of beads to the wax twine. Secure the beads in place by threading the twine through the next hole to the back of the leather.

5,At the end of the bracelet, secure the button in place as you would on a shirt, threading the twine through the first hole, then the button, and then the second hole.

how to make a beaded wrap bracelet