how to make a infinity bracelet?

Infinity symbol bracelet has been popular for long time.This article show you how to make a infinity bracelet if you want to give your best friends.It is often utilized in wide assortment of jewelry pieces, especially diamond rings for engagement and wedding. This time, we would like to hand make a cool double wire wrapped infinity charm with blue aluminum wire; following is the tutorial on how to make leather bracelet with this wire charm.

Steps of Make Infinity Bracelet

1st, pick a 35cm piece of blue aluminum wire, wrap it around big marker; left big loop is done;
2nd, then wrap it around small marker, the right small loop is done;
3rd, continue wrapping around small marker to finish the left small loop, and pass the rest wire under previous loops;
4th, then wrap the rest wire around big marker to finish the right big loop;
5th, leave 1cm tails and cut off the excess wire;
6th, slightly loop the tails and crimp down them with flat nose plier;
7th, the double wire wrapped infinity charm is done.

8th, with head pin make a dice bead dangle, and attach the dangle to the S hook.

how to make a infinity bracelet