how to make an infinity?

This article will show you how to make an infinity.An infinity scarf is a scarf loop or doughnut, stitched together at the ends to form one large round scarf. This type of scarf is also known as a cowl scarf. For wearing, the scarf is looped around the neck in various lengths to keep you warm and fashionable.

Sewing an Infinity Scarf

The fabric length here is for a shorter infinity scarf. You can create a longer one as desired, just change the measurements accordingly.

Cut the fabric. Cut a strip of fabric 25″/64cm wide, across the full 60″/150cm width.

  • It’s a good idea to prewash the fabric before sewing. That way, any possible shrinkage or color run will be dealt with.
  • If preferred, simply measure out one large rectangle from the fabric, in measurements of your choice. If you’re not using stretchy fabric, always measure more generously.
  • Lay the fabric out and fold in half. Face the right sides toward each other. Match the long edges and pin together.
  • Sew the long edges:
    • Sew along the long edge. Start 3 inches/7.5 cm in from one end and keep a 1/2″/1.2cm seam.
    • Iron the seam flat, then press the seam open. This will help the stitches to blend into the fabric.
    • Turn the scarf right side facing out. You’ll now have a “tube” of fabric, forming the length of the scarf.
    • Sew the short edges together:
      • Open up the short ends of the scarf. Align the edges of the short ends neatly together with the right sides. Pin in place; you won’t be able to pin all the way, there will be an opening left.
      • Stitch the short edges together with a 1/2″ / 1.2 cm seam. This can require a bit of effort, depending on the fabric used.
      • As before, iron the ends.
      • Turn the scarf to roll the seam allowances to the inside. There will still be a hole left (the opening). Slip stitch the opening closed.
        how to make an infinity