how to make bracelets with crazy loom?

How to make bracelets with crazy loom are a fun accessory that you can match with various outfits as well as use to reflect your various moods. A fun bracelet you can make yourself is the crazy loom bracelet, which is constructed entirely out of rubber bands. Just use a loom with pegs to weave the bands in all kinds of ways, ranging from simple to intricate. You can purchase the loom and bands as a kit, along with a loom hook and a manual to guide you through the process. Most kits have other useful accessories like C-clips as well.

You will easily get hooked once you start making loom bracelets, especially since they’re so versatile. For instance, gift a rubber friendship bandto your pals in their favorite color to celebrate your close bond. You can even convert them into keychains, bag charms, necklaces, and other trendy ideas.

Unique Features of the Loom Bracelets

You can make either single, double, or triple band bracelets. Once you have mastered the basic skills, you can move on to fancier patterns like rail track bracelets. Each kit has multicolor bands, which you can combine in various creative way. For example, everyone loves the rainbow loom bracelet.


  • Crazy loom with at least 12 pegs
  • 12-15 colored loom bands
  • Loom hook
  • C-clip


    1. Place the crazy loom vertically in front of you so that the pegs form a U-shape. Some looms have an arrow to indicate the right side up.
    2. Take one band and loop it from the center-bottom peg diagonally across to the first loom peg on its right.
    3. Take the next band in the same or contrasting color and loop it around the peg where the first band ended. Stretch this band diagonally to the left and loop it around the next available peg in the center column.
    4. Continue this looping of new bands on alternate pegs between the two columns until you reach the end of the loom.
    5. Once done, take a new band, loop it around itself to form a figure eight that is folded down in half, and loop both rings around the last peg that you used on the loom. Next, turn the loom so that it is facing the opposite direction.
    6. Now take the loom hook and carefully lift the last looped band on the last peg until it is through the figure eight band, and then onto the next diagonal peg. This will link the bands.
    7. Continue in this way down the length of the loom, each time hooking the inner band through the outer band on that peg, and then onto the next diagonal peg.
    8. Once you finish forming all the links, take a C-clip and attach it to the band at the end. Now you are ready to pull the bands off the loom pegs and attach the C-clip to the other end to form the bracelet. Be careful not to stretch the bands too much or they may to make bracelets with crazy loom