how to make earrings?

Making your own earrings is a fun,this article will show you how to make earrings,They make a wonderful homemade gift for your female friends and family members – or you can just keep them for yourself! This article will show you some easy methods for making dangly beaded earrings, hoop earrings and studs, along with some unique ideas using household materials.

Gather your materials. To make these beaded earrings you will need: two headpins, a round-nosed pliers, two French hook earwires and a selection of beads – they can be pearl, crystal, plastic or glass – it’s a matter of personal preference.

Thread some beads onto the headpin. How many you fit on each headpin will depend on how large the beads are and how long you want your earrings to be. Experiment with different colors and bead sizes to find a style you like.

Cut the headpin to size. To shorten the length of the earring, use your pliers to cut the end of the headpin. Just make sure to leave a centimeter between the last bead and the end of the wire.

Curl the top of the headpin. Take your round-nosed pliers and use it to curl the top of the headpin, until it forms a complete loop.

Attach the French hook earwire. Take one of the French hook earwires and use your pliers to open the hook on the end. Slip the open hook through the loop you made on the end of the headpin.

Hook the two loops into one another. Hook the loop that’s curled outwards into the loop that’s curled underneath. If necessary, use the pliers to tighten each loop. This should keep the earring secured.

how to make earrings