How to make leather bracelets

How to make leather bracelets ?Figuring out how to make leather jewelry could be as simple as knotting a leather cord, sure, but there are plenty of other leather techniques and supplies that you can play with. Plus, you can combine your leather jewelry supplies with practically anything — wire and beads, for example — to create unexpected styles.

how to make leather bracelets

Want to find out how to make leather jewelry without actually using leather? There are plenty of alternatives out there, including cotton cord and nylon cord. If you’re learning how to make leather jewelry that uses scrap leather, you can easily substitute a faux leather that looks just as nice.

When you’re ready to tackle a leather project, here are 10 great leather jewelry tutorials that’ll each you how to make pieces that will stand out — even if you don’t use real leather!

1. Caged Leather Bracelet

This bracelet is perfect for your cool, edgy friend. With the right color choice, the bracelet could work for both men and women. If this is your first time working with leather or you just need a review, you can get the designer’s FREE tutorial for finishing leather ends. If you don’t want to use real leather, a cotton or nylon cord could easily be substituted here.

2. Lord of Leather Wrap Bracelet

No special jewelry making skills are required to create this simple bracelet. Use waxed leather cord, if you’d like, but you could easily substitute other types of cord here, too. Check out the designer’s other photo of the bracelet to see a more casual version.

3. Leather Wrap Bracelet

Leather is perhaps most famous for its use as a wrap bracelet. This wrap bracelet is super easy; you can make it even if you’ve never made jewelry before. The designer encourages experimenting with different types of beads and leather (including vegan-friendly options) to make each bracelet completely different.