how to make leather wrap bracelet?

Do you want to know how to make leather wrap bracelet? Weaving is a very learned art, when you master a lot of weaving methods, a few strings can make beautiful works of art.A handmade braided leather bracelet is an artwork ,looks very beautiful and elegant.If you know some weave method, you’ll find this project very straightforward.

Select your supplies. This bracelet can be made from any three strips of leather – either chord or full pieces of the material. For a more bohemian look, use thick leather strips. A polished look can be accomplished by using leather chord.

Measure and cut the leather. Wrap the leather around your wrist to determine how long to cut your pieces. Cut 3 strips of leather cord or strip with scissors.

Tie a knot. Tie a regular knot at one end of the strips, securing them together. Attach the strands to a table with sticky tape or use a safety pin to pin the leather to your pant leg.

Begin your braid. Wrap the right cord and set it over the left cord. The braiding used for this simple bracelet is the same used for hair.

Cross the left strip over the center. The second step is to move the piece from the far left, and place it over the center. It will now be the new center strip.

Cross the right strip again. Move the piece from the far right over the center strip. This is the same step as the first one.

Cross the left strip again. Following with the same pattern, move the left piece of leather over the center piece.

Finish your braid. Braid the leather strips until they’ve reached a length long enough to wrap around your entire wrist. Smooth out the leather wrap to flatten out the braids.

Tie off the end. Secure the strands with a regular knot, and then remove the sticky tape and place the wrap around your wrist.Tie the two ends together and cut off any excess you may have.

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