how to make nylon cord bracelets?


How to make nylon cord bracelets? Today I will show you a new way of making nylon cord bracelet. The nylon cord bracelets are braided with three strands of nylon cords. Here, the silver cord is used. You can select whatever color you like.

Making nylon cord bracelets is a rally a intresting thing which  can improve your manipulative ability and imagination, especially when you in bad mood,making nylon cord bracelets can make you feel calm and happy, At the same time you can get a unique bracelet, why not do it.Follow a few step ,a beautiful nylon cord bracelet will appear in front of your eyes.

how to make a nylon rope bracelet

Braid the cords at the beginning.

Take out three nylon cords and make it to a door shape together.

Make a full circle by turning the right cords down; lay the left cords on the circle.

Bring the left cords down to the right cords up.

Bring the cord up through the two circles down and over.

Braid the cords to the end.

Take the top end to shape a hoop; go on braiding in the same way above; tie off the braiding shapes each time.

Stop braiding until the length suitable for your wrist.

Cut the redundant cords and glue it to fix.

Cut off two short leather cords; glue each to an end of a clasp to link with the leather cords.

So easy ,just a piece of cake.if you want to know more cord weaving  technology,just keep your attention.