how to make rubber bracelets?

how to make rubber bracelets ?Making rubber bracelets is very easy.Just buy some rubber supplies ,make a easy combination of supplies of rubber beads and strings.

Step1:how to make rubber bracelets Cut a length of 2mm nylon thread, measuring about 80cm long;

Step2: Fold at the 1/4 from the beginning, and then tie an overhand knot for making a small loop;

Step3: on each wire, string the same number of 8mm colorful rubber beads depends on individual’s wrist circumference;

Step4: use the short thread to tie a slipknot around the longer. Then, stagger two lines of beads. Take the longer thread and start to weave zig-zag pattern towards the beginning and back from the beginning to ending once again;

Step5: undo the slip knot in step 4 and tie another overhand knot. String one 8mm rubber bead on either of the two ends. Secure with another overhand knot. Tighten both threads and trim off the excess parts. Melt and seal the cut by lighter.

Step6: lay the ending bead in beginning loop!

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There you’ve completed the wrap bracelet tutorial! Small tips should be mentioned that while weaving the zig-zag pattern first time the bracelet may be twisted. This is normal and may be eliminated after finishing the 2nd zig-zag pattern. Learn more weave  skills and make more combination of strings and charms ,more beautiful bracelet will appear.