how to make stud earrings?

Earrings is a kind of ear ornaments, smaller than the earrings, shaped like nails. Generally need to through the ears to wear, earring’s shape ever-changing, but it can not change this feature, the ear lobe is in front of ear modeling, behind the ear lobe is the ear (also known as ear plugs).

How to make stud earrings?If you learn the method of doing a rose stud ring,you can make many kinds of stud ring with different patterns.Then you can show your beauty and attract the attention of others.

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1st, take a small piece of red rose clay, bunched into small round cake.

2nd,roll it into a roll and gently knead the bottom.

3rd,the volume of soft pottery for the stamens, and then continue the first step of the soft clay round cake, curved fit in the flower side.

4th,the same method to make other petals rose.

5th,paste five or six petals, cut off  the bottom part of the excess roses.

6th,stitch the needle through the bottom of the rose.

7th,select the appropriate accessories, so long to do three, hanging in the end of the pin nail pinhole.

8th,Bend its other end  into a ear hook-shaped.

9th,complete the other side of the roses earring in the same way.

10th,a pair of beautiful rose stud earrings is finished