How to Put on Wrist Wraps

How to put on wrist wraps? When you’re home alone, it can be difficult to put a bracelet on your wrist. Every time you think that you’re about to close the clasp, the bracelet slips off, and you’re back at square one. But you don’t have to put up with that kind of frustration anymore — with the right tools or household items, putting on your bracelet all by yourself can be a piece of cake.

how to tie a wrap bracelet



Set the bracelet on your wrist. It usually helps to rest your hand, palm facing down, against a table or counter to steady it, so you don’t have to worry about the bracelet falling. When you place the bracelet on your wrist, leave the end without the clasp on top and pull the other end underneath to wrap it around your wrist.
Place a piece of tape over the bracelet. Make sure to use a large enough piece of tape to firmly secure the jewelry to your wrist. It’s best to place the tape just behind the end of the bracelet, so that part is especially secure.
Secure the clasp with your free hand. With the tape holding the bracelet in place against your wrist, you can easily wrap the bracelet around your wrist and close the clasp with your opposite hand. Once the bracelet is secure, simply pull off the tape and discard.
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