How to use diffuser necklace? If you want to have a diffuser necklace, you can buy a stainless steel diffuser necklace. And put some essential oils on the pads, then closed the lock. After it, you can smelling the oils when you like.

How to use diffuser necklace?

  1. Parties – Probably one of the best occasions to use an aroma therapy diffuser. Social interactions can be at times result in a volatile mix of emotions. A few drops of our Cinnamon Bark Oil in this aroma diffuser will relax everyone and put them in a better mood. Arrange the diffuser with beautiful flowers which offers a wonderful backdrop. The soft LED lights which can be set to one color or revolving multi colors creates that perfect sophisticated ambience.
  2. Perfect for a romantic interlude – Want to create that perfect romantic moment? Get the food, lights, music and of course our aroma diffuser and you have the ingredients for success and a positive experience.
  3. Night Time – Had a stressful day at work? Just fill half a cup of water add 1 drop of Cinnamon Bark Oil and get to bed. The gentle mist of the diffuser lull you to a comfortable sleep. If the lights distract you, you can switch off the lights. The diffuser will switch of automatically when the water finishes in 3 hours.
  4. Power meetings – Do you have a power meeting coming up where you need to brain storm some creative ideas? Perhaps you have a complex engineering problem to solve? Or maybe some clients are coming to your office for a presentation? Just take it to work and set it up in your meeting room and everyone will get along and be productive at the same time. Cinnamon is well known to improve focus and reduce irritability.
  5. Retail shops – Do you run a retail operation? Want to make people buy stuff? Cinnamon is well known to make people buy products. Set up this ultrasonic diffuser in a strategic place and see if it works. If it does you will more than pay for this simple unit. Remember don’t put too much Cinnamon Bark Oil.
  6. Toilets – Great for use in a guest toilet to get rid of any smells. One should not use a diffuser in a toilet with a shower which may damage the unit by exposing the internal electrical circuitry to humidity.
  7. Real Estate Sales – Maybe you are selling your house or maybe you a real estate agent. This could be the ideal way to close a deal.
  8. Travel – ThIs diffuser might be a great little gadget to take on your travels and enliven the dull smell of hotel rooms.

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