How to Wrap a Bracelet?

How to wrap a bracelet? If you have a great ideal ,wrapping a bracelet is a piece of cake. Now I show you a brief for example .This bracelet is incredibly simple to make and depending on the beads or materials you choose, it  can look very different each time you create it. Big chunky beads and small, delicate pearls and crystals both look very effective with this design, so don’t be afraid to experiment to achieve the look you want. If there has good idea bump into your mind, just have a try ,maybe it is your favorite.

how to wrap a bracelet


Cut a length of wire. It must be long enough to fit around your wrist about 6 or 7 times.

Thread the beads onto the wire. In this example, the bracelet was made by alternating between the small beads and the large beads.

Move the beads to the middle of the wire. Push the end of the wire through the first bead to form a circle of beads.

Check you can get the bracelet over your hand and that it isn’t too loose. If you need to add or remove any beads, do this now.

Wrap the wire around the beads in both directions. Wrap over the top of the big beads and underneath the small beads.

Tuck the ends of the wire into the beads.


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