Motivational fitness jewelry from marlary is a simple, stylish way for believers to keep encouragement from the Word of the Lord within reach. Select from a wide assortment of durable options. Men and women who enjoy weight lifting can wear this jewelry to proudly display dedication to their hobby and their passion for the Lord. Inspirational Scripture found on every piece gives believers the motivation they need to tackle life’s curveballs. Whether your interest is in weight lifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit or another type of weight training, adding fitness jewelry to any outfit for an athletic touch fills the spirit with comfort from God’s Word.motivational fitness jewelry


Whether you’re training for your goal race or have consistent healthy-living goals, use motivational fitness jewelry to inspire your fitness and stay on track.Whether you’re training for your goal race or have consistent healthy-living goals, use jewelry to inspire your fitness and stay on track.

Motivational fitness jewelry. It’s a weakness of mine – that and shoes. I know – total girl stereotype right here. But for real, I feel naked without my jewelry. Most people can tell when I’m close by because they hear me jingling down the hallway. True story.

While  motivational fitness jewelry may have once been something you only wear on fancy occasions, it has since expanded to everyday wear and even to the fitness world – and there is a ton of awesome and motivational fitness jewelry out there, all of which I’m obsessed with.

When I’m sweating like a maniac and feel like I can’t push any further, I just look down at my wrist or even my shoe (yes – there is jewelry for shoes- best of both worlds!) and get a little reminder that I am strong, that I can keep going.

I also use motivational fitness jewelry as goal gifts – meaning if I hit a goal, I can get some new shiny things. It’s really the best motivator.