Our Designing Service

You can not only get quality fashion jewelry at very good price from us, but also can get excellent jewelry design service from our creative designing team. We’ll begin your model using a picture, sketch or simply from verbal and written descriptions of your idea – that’s all we need!

Stainless Steel Jewelry Manufacturer

Our jewelry design team are not only well versed in the artistic aesthetics of design but also possess a knowledge of the different meanings that various gemstones, symbols, and metals have obtained within different cultures and demographics, as well as how best to implement them into a design.

We will work with you to generate results for any project from accurate reproduction of custom jewelry for historical purposes to economically mass producing a single custom piece for the market, and creating your own personal flagship piece as a professional showpiece. We will do our best to help you turn any design idea you may have into reality.

Our company applies a new approach to creating jewelry. We combine our years of experience handcrafting jewelry and the latest technology, called CAD-CAM, to strategically bring to existence the works of art you envision. Our designers combine art, inspiration and the latest technology to seamlessly deliver to you the most intricate and intriguing precision jewelry designs.





Our Toughest Quality Control Standards

Marlary is proud to offer jewelry of lasting quality.

In order to ensure our jewelry pieces meet your quality standards, we maintain the most exacting quality control standards in the jewelry industry. We always keep in mind that the people involved in jewelry inspection must be very keen to detail because a small chip, crack or loose stone can cause buyers fortunes. So we require every member of our Quality Control department at minimum, has 3 years experience in jewelry inspection.

We provide benefits to every of our clients because of the fact that all of the jewelry they buy from us are professionally inspected to meet the quality control standards set by the industry. We have been told that no other manufacturer is as vigilant in ensuring quality as we are.

Our Quality Control is applied at each step of the handcrafting process and after jewelry polishing, this is carried out as follows:

stainless steel jewelry manufacturer

Waxing: Great care is taken over checking waxes. We re-check waxed items with the master model on shrinkage, size and shapes.

Polishing: Each item is closely inspected and compared with the client supplied structure or image, to make certain of its flawlessness.

Prongs and stone cases are strictly scrutinized for correctness of shape and presence of irregularities.

Soldering/Assembling: Accuracy of soldering and its finishing is closely examined before starting the second polishing stage.

Setting: Confirmation of perfect setting, symmetry, cleanliness, diamond stamp through a vigorous stage-by-stage verifying system.

Finishing: Stone setting is checked for appropriate fixing and cleanliness. Shining, overall stamping and quality of plating is also scrutinized at this point.

The craftsmen work closely with our quality control teams in each department, ensuring that quality standards are not only met but exceed our customers’ expectations.