Why We Love Custom Name Necklace?

  • One-of-a-kind necklace
  • Special tile design to stand out from the crowd
  • Trendy design 

Custom Name Necklaces are once again back and are trending in fashion jewelry world. But don’t just take our word for it. For the seven reasons listed below,  to wear or gift a personalized name necklace is perfect for everyone.

1. They Are a Personalized Fashion Statement Piece.
2. Name Necklace Style Options Are Unlimited.
3. Meaningful Name Necklace Jewelry Is Always on Trend.
4. A Fashion Statement Without Spending a Fortune.
5. Name Necklaces Are the Best Fashion Staple.
6. They Are Overall the Best and Trendiest Gifts.
7. Have the Best Variety to Match Everyone’s Style.

Nowadays, a name necklace is no longer limited to a gold script nameplate or a diamond-encrusted piece (although these are still great options). They have had multiple facelifts. These are some of the trending variations:

  • Beaded name necklaces are right on trend. Depending on the type of beads, they could offer you a casual and colorful “summer camp” look or a formal style with pearls.
  • Crystals are definitely in at the moment. There are stunning clear quartz, cubic zirconia, and diamond name necklaces to keep up with the times.
  • Chains make an impact too. Especially eye-catching paperclip necklaces and jewelry. Pairing the nameplate with a link chain is a great modern twist on the name necklace.
  • Layering creates more drama. You can layer name necklaces over clothes or wear them above the neckline, making them very versatile.
  • Chokers are very popular. They’re great for most necklines and are generally regarded as the most flattering length of the necklace. They’re also ideal for creating a layered look.
  • Mix metals for an instant update. Gold, rose gold, and silver can easily be mixed and matched.

So if you are looking for a gift for Birthday, Christmas or any important occasion, choose a name necklace will be perfect!

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