What is the best oil diffusers?there are four different types.

  • Nebulizer Diffusers
  • Ultrasonic/Humidifying Diffusers
  • Heat Diffusers
  • Evaporative Diffusers

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Nebulizing Diffusers

What are the best oil diffusers?The advantages and disadvantages of Nebulizing diffusers


  • what are the best oil diffusers?The nebulizing diffuser we have attaches directly to the bottle of essential oil and can be turned on with the flip of a switch.
  • No water or set-up required.
  • Strong concentration of essential oils released in to the air
  • Timers for run time and rest time let you control how long it runs and makes it ideal for overnight use (if needed).
  • No light so they can be used at night.


  • Louder than ultrasonic diffusers
  • Uses oils more quickly than ultrasonic or other diffusers since they attach directly to the diffuser.
  • More expensive than most ultrasonic diffusers (though not by much)

We use:

This Advanced Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser from Amazon. I’ve now saved up and ordered a couple of these because they work so well. Even just diffusing for 15 minutes will leave a lasting essential oil scent for hours.

Ultrasonic Diffusers

what are the best oil diffusers?The advantages and disadvantages of Ultrasonic Diffusers.


  • Less expensive than nebulizing diffusers
  • Doubles as a humidifier (beneficial in cold months)
  • Many options to choose from


  • Can’t use citrus essential oils
  • Need water to operate
  • Must be cleaned occasionally
  • Some have lights that can’t be turned off
  • Not as effective as nebulizing diffusers

What we use:

Several different types of ultrasonic diffusers and I’ve found that some work better than others. These were our favorites…

  • The Noor Litemist Aromatherapy Diffuser– A simple cone-shape design.  It diffuses for several hours and has an option to turn the light on or off for night time use.
  • The Allay Litemist diffuser– Very similar and slightly cheaper than the Noor Litemist, but it doesn’t seem to have a way to turn off the light which makes it unusable at night (for us).
  • The Whisper– (not pictured because it is on lend to a friend) Can diffuse in up to a 1,000 square foot area and is completely silent. It is more expensive than the other ultrasonic diffusers we’ve tried and I don’t think that the difference in diffusing is necessarily worth the cost.
  • AromaLite Diffuser– Very similar to the Noor and the Allay but substantially more expensive. It works well but I would not consider it worth the extra cost.
  • Lagute Apple Shaped Diffuser-I ordered this one because it looks nicer than the others but would not order it again. It was more expensive than the Noor or Allay and does not work as well. it is also difficult to open to add water and oils.