What is 14k gold?

What is 14k gold ?14 k  gold price is expensive?What is the meaning of 14 k?K, said gold purity of the unit.After the letter K often add Numbers to represent purity gold.24 k gold content is 99.99%.18 k gold content label is 75%, 14 k  gold prices, gold content is 58.5%.

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14 k  gold price is not very expensive, 14 k  gold price performance-to-price ratio is high, does not rust, not easy corrosion, good light, is one of the characteristics of gold.

24 k gold soft texture Mosaic.Usually is usually use K gold jewelry demand hardness, 14 K  gold prices is more suited for inlay ring.
Compared with the price in 14 k  gold, 18 k or 24 k gold is much cheaper, 14 k  gold content of computation formula is as follows: 14 * 14 k = 100/24 = 58.333% , for the convenience of identity, we usually put the value of 14 k yellow gold agreement was 58.5%.

Now 18 k gold mainland market, a wide range of love.From bracelets bracelets, necklaces, earrings, popular with women’s fashion accessories, mainly with 18 k gold.

The pursuit of personality and beauty of the battlefield, the female has been one of the main power and the backbone.Because, the United States, is a woman’s armor.In this age of women, bold and delicate, but not make public, elegant and unique temperament.You, also don’t want to be left behind, you, for the pursuit of beauty must have any woman around you.Carefully selected accessories, sets of chains, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, there is always a can satisfy you like the taste buds.

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