what is a military challenge coin ?

What is a military challenge coin ?The popularity of challenge coins spread during the Vietnam War, inspired by Special Forces that minted coins to express the unique identity and strong bond forged between them. Other units wanted their own coin to build camaraderie and symbolize their pride of membership in an elite group.

A challenge coin is not merely a token. Challenge coins today are a tangible source of pride for America’s warriors at every level in the chain of command. Commanders use them as on-the-spot awards. Senior military leaders often dole out their coins as gifts to foreign dignitaries or civilian VIPs.

Most important, a challenge coin is carried at all times. Coin checks are still a part of military life, and various penalties are still handed out for those found without their coin. (Some cruelly choose locations apt to yield a victory. Rules commonly followed specify that the coin must be carried at all times; neither shower nor latrine exempt one from producing his coin

Closing Thoughts

There is no doubt that challenge coins have a significant and deep-seeded role within many military organizations, both here in the United States and abroad. It has been said that only those who have served and received a coin for certain accomplishments will truly appreciate their meaning, but along the way it is clear that this closely held tradition has evolved and expanded outside the military.

what is a military challenge coin