Dumbbell jewelry is designed by dumbbells.Dumbbells are one of the most widely used weight-training pieces. One dumbbell consists of two equal weights that are attached to a handle. Some are fixed while other styles are removable. The main purpose of the dumbbell is to build and tone muscles. They are made of either concrete or metal materials.

The first concept of the dumbbell was introduced over 2,000 years ago by the ancient Greeks. They invented a piece of equipment called a “haltere.”  This was a crescent shaped stone with a handle.

This early dumbbell was not only used for weightlifting but also as a weight for long jump events.

Another type of dumbbell was also used in India. The men used a wooden bowling pin shaped object inspired by the Hindu war club. The Indian soldiers/policemen then incorporated this object into their exercise routines.

why is it that a “dumbbell” is called a dumbbell? Is there a connection to the saying that the user has more brawn that brains? Actually, this name has more to do with church bells! Since it took a fair amount of strength to ring a church bell properly, novice bell ringers had to develop their upper body strength. They performed this by swinging a weighted rope connected to a metal weight. By swinging the rope against an imaginary bell which produced no sound, this was called silent or dumb. Eventually, the apparatus became known as the dumbbell.  By the 16thcentury, it was the “in thing” to do bell work to develop an impressive physique. By the 1800’s a short bar replaced the rope and rounded weights were then added to the ends. This change began the “look” of the modern day dumbbell.

Dumbbells Today

In the current day, there are three main types of dumbbells:

  1. Adjustable dumbbells – These consist of a metal bar with weighted plates added on the outer portions of the handles and secured by clips or collars.


  1. Fixed-weighted dumbbells – Weights created in a dumbbell shape. Inexpensive varieties consist of casted iron, sometimes coated with rubber or neoprene for comfort and even cheaper versions in a plastic shell that is filled with concrete.

    What is dumbbell   jewelry?

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