Pets are our human beings best friends. When they passed away, it is always a very hard time for every of us, pets are a special part of our life, and should not be forgotten. Pet memorial jewelry & Pet memorial ash urn necklace are a beautiful way to remember our loved pets.

Paw Print Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry

Pet memorial jewelry usually have bone shape, paw print styles, cats and dogs shape, heart shape or cylinder shape with paw prints or pets image on them, etc. All of them are well designed to hold the ashes of our loved pet. Our Pet Cremation Jewelry are made  in stainless steel same material as we offer in our regular line of cremation jewelry for human ashes. You can put lock of the pet’s fur  or pet’s ashes in the the small cavity of the memorial necklaces or put the photo your pet and you on a memorial locket.  Wear the pet memorial pendant wherever you go and keep our pets always near our heart.

pet remembrance jewelry

Each piece of the pet memorial jewelry is engravebale, you can put wordings on the back of the urn necklaces, the pendant back is shinning polishing and very good quality. If you have your own designs want to make, we can also do custom designs for you.

Worry about price? No worry at all! We are jewelry manufacturer, you can always get very good prices from us! Welcome to view our whole memorial cremation jewelry collection and let us know those you need now.