What is sterling silver jewelry ?925 silver profile

What is sterling silver jewelry ?Silver – is one of the precious metal is second only to gold, the price is no platinum or gold so high, but the price is far more than tin, lead and other metals, but silver is easy to deformation is too soft, so often add other alloy increase hardness, add alloy are different countries, so the silver content of international standard as long as more than nine hundred and twenty-five over one thousand as sterling silver.

Sterling silver jewelry on the market at present is divided into 990 silver, 925 silver, 925 silver.This is more to distinguish their silver content.

What is sterling silver jewelry


Leads to silver oxide the biggest reason is that oxygen in the air, so cut off air is the best way to maintain, such as put in sealed plastic bags into the silver jewelry box, cut off the air and silver contact,

Usually can use the following methods:
1, clean with toothpaste is the most convenient and fast;

2, using a drawing rubber can wipe the slight black oxide;

3, with a little vinegar water cleaning;

4, use correction fluid on the silver ornament, not dry enough before dry cloth;

5, with every liquid tea soak;

6, soaking with Coca-Cola;

7, add salt to the water soaking;

Finally pay special attention to is that no matter what approach you take after you finished silver maintenance with a dry rub silver cloth will be silver.