What weighs 5kg ?

What weighs 5kg ?The kilogram is a unit of weight, it is as the international basic quality unit.

In life there are a lot of things weight is 5 kg, you can under the careful observation, such as a duck, hami melon, watermelon, bag, etc.5 kg weight things generally an adult can be picked up, the relatively small children cannot be picked up.

what weighs 5kg

Want to know what 5 kg concept, can take the call, take some items, according to their feelings about the weight of 5 kg.We know, of course, also can take things to compare, in addition to just mentioned bag, watermelon, have been a duck, etc., we can also take big or small things to compare.For example: a newborn baby is commonly 3-5 grams;A normal body weight adults generally girls 45 to 60 grams, a normal body weight of adult males generally 50 kg to 80 kg, this does not include special fat or thin.

We are specializing in the production of stainless steel jewelry factory, we produce bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, and necklaces, etc.We act the role of article general weight is between 15 g to 45 grams, the weight to wear in the body just right. But there are simple point of jewelry is less than 10 grams, some will be more than 45 grams heavier.Do you know what is a gram of concept?Ok, let me tell you, 1000 g is equal to 1 kg.