wholesale jewelry shows?

Fashion and wholesale jewelry shows are the best way to see which hangbags, Scarves and Jewelry your customers are going to be buying in the coming year. Wholesalers display the most stylish, cutting edge, merchandise which represents what people will be buying next season. By displaying at fashion trade shows, the wholesalers give you the opportunity to place your order months before your clientele will be requesting the new fashions. When you go to the Spring accessory trade shows expect the Fall lines to be prominently displayed. This keeps you current and up-to-date as to the latest fashion trends. This also gives you a peek into what will be going out of style so you can begin to move old inventory and replace it with the items you order from the show.

Another reason to attend all local fashion trade shows is to meet & build relationships with the Joy Susan Accessories buyers, your local fashion accessory reps and our style experts who will work with you to build a winning (profitable) display of seasonal fashion scarves, hats and handbags. If you have ever been to a trade show where Joy Susan is exhibiting, you know that just about every person who walks in the booth asks 2 questions, “What is hot?” and “What do you have that is new?” We go to the Fashion shows and the Accessories Shows just so we can answer those questions.

So, if you are thinking about attending any fashion trade shows, look at our schedule below, then come and meet the Joy Susan Accessories team. See the latest wholesale handbags, jewelry, scarves and hats that we carry, and set-up an appointment for one of our reps to stop by your business and talk fashion!

wholesale jewelry shows