What is anchor necklace meaning? The hot new trend today in the world of jewellery undoubtedly is the anchor jewellery. What is anchor necklace meaning? Most celebrities are seen sporting gorgeous anchor inspired jewellery. Anchor has truly risen in popularity and the demand for anchor necklace meaning too is steadily witnessing an upswing all over.anchor necklace meaning


Anchors and the deep seas

Several amongst us have a great love and affinity for the sea and would like to show our love through this symbol by wearing anchor necklace meaning.

Sea-faring mariners treat the waters as their home and they truly love the anchor symbol not only because it is a part of the ship but because they too liked to connect the symbol of the anchor to great stability and strength. This day, there are lots of mariners, and also the US Navy, coastguards and the fishermen who spend maximum life on the waters, and to show their fondness for the waters get tattoos of anchor symbol of their bodies. And we all grew up seeing our famous Popeye sporting an anchor tattoo on his arm!

Why is anchor symbol growing so popular?

Contrary to popular belief the symbol of anchor was originally used by people on land but not by those on water. It was during the early years of Christianity when the Christians were under tight scrutiny by the Romans and it was pretty difficult for the Christians to show their solidarity to fellow Christians. To overcome the watchful eyes of the Romans the Christians wore anchor necklace meaning or got anchor symbol tattooed on their body since this symbol closely resembles a cross.

Anchors, which can keep ships safe and secure even during stormy weathers, were considered symbols of strength and this made it quite popular. And houses that would give shelter to those who sought refuge from persecution were marked with an anchor symbol to let such people know that these are safe houses for them.anchor necklace meaning

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