how to do bracelets?

Jewelry is a fashion necessity for many people,when you to do bracelets,you can bring a smile to most anyone’s face,including your own.For esample,how to do the bead bracelets enjoy many fun on it!

First,we should prepare the materials:the beads,the stainless steel wire,the lobster clasp,the charm,the jump ring  and so on.

With the cutting portion of the pliers,cutting a strand of beading wire measuring 11/2 tines the circuference of your wirst,and  add a crimp bead,followed by a jewelry clasp.Posistion both components about 1 inch from one end of the wire.

Next,take the same end of the wire and feed it back through the crimp beaded you just added,silde the crimp bead close to the jewelry clasp.Place the wire between the pliers,positioning the crimp bead in the flat portion,squeeze the handles together to the flatten the crimp bead,apply enough press to completely flatten the crimp bead.

Thirdly,add bead to the wire,when add all the bead to the middle of the stainless steel wire.Than prepare the metal charm by adding it to a jump ring,closing the jump ring by bending the ends back together.Once added the charm we can continue to add the beads and full of the stainless steel wire.

Lastly,for extra security,apply a drop of clear nails polish to each flatted crimp bead.This is an easy,inexpensive way to keep the bracelet from falling apart with the natural wear on jewelry.

how to do bracelets