what is ring?

what is ring? Ring with the “ring” to small ring made of metal or stone. Some on the mean, as decorations or tokens, said ring today.Wear in different fingers, and represent a different meaning.

Ring is a kind of wear the decorative jewelry on your fingers.Ring can be made of women and men wear, the material can be metal, precious stones, plastic, wood or bone.We mainly do stainless steel ring, its corrosion resistance, easy to maintain, not easy oxidation, scratch resistance,very loved by people.
About the wedding rings on the right hand ring finger country and region is less and less.In many parts of the wear on his left index finger is considered courtship, middle finger is in love, little za don’t fall in love or single for life.In ancient Rome, the ring is as a seal, is a symbol of power.


what is ring

What is ring?The moral
The moral of wearing rings

█ index finger:

Indicate the direction of the finger, the ring will become bright and independent. In this refers to the individual character, the most suitable person offers free to wear.

█ middle finger:

Inferior to the most suitable for wearing a wedding ring finger, ring finger ring in it can create an atmosphere of freedom bubbling most, can let you inspiration, become more attractive and have sex.

█ ring finger:

Since Roman times used to put a ring on it, according to legend this refers to the connected to the heart, the most suitable for published a sacred oath.While important acupuncture points are on the ring finger, the ring can moderate pressure on its muscle, has a stabilizing effect.

█ little finger:

Pinky is a kind of charm of sexy message.Ring in it will be something unexpected happened, particularly recommended for intuition, engaged in fashion related workers.

Wearing a ring is the language of love.Ring worn on the left hand (right hand work is not very convenient).