How does an oil diffuser work

How does an oil diffuser work ?Also known as Aromatherapy diffusers, essential oil diffusers are small devices which disperse essential oil particles in the air. These are considered one of the most adored wellness appliances nowadays due to their amazing qualities of air purification. By dispersing balanced amount of aroma oils, they not only bring the whiff of freshness along, but also create a healing atmosphere around us. When we breathe in such atmosphere, we also breathe in anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties of essential oils which keep us in good health. Hence, it becomes important to look for a quality essential oil or aromatherapy diffuser, as not all the aromatherapy diffusers work equally good.

how does an oil diffuser work
What’s the difference between Humidifier & Diffuser?
Often people confuse aromatherapy diffusers as humidifiers but in actual, these two are much different. Common humidifiers increase the moisture in the air and also break apart the nutritional value of essential oils due to excess heat while diffusers create micro-fine mist of aroma oils without traversing with their healing properties.

There are several different types. Nebulizing diffusers blow the oils through a blown glass chamber that breaks the drops of oil into microscopic particles which stay suspented in the air for a couple of hours.  A “cool mist” or “ultrasound” diffuser acts as a humidifier while diffusing the oils with the water vapor. There are cool fan diffusers where you put a few drops of oil on a cellulose pad and then a fan blows them into the room. Or the aromastone, a small ceramic “lamp” that heats to baby bottle temperature,wonderful for the bed table or nursery.