how much does a diamond necklace cost?

Buying a set of diamond necklace is a significant financial commitment, but
also a valuable investment. Diamond necklace typically start around $500 in price and can be as much as $36,000 for a single piece. Before balking at the expensive price tag, consider all of the factors that go into determining the cost of a pair of diamond earrings, and how they affect the price range of such items deponded on how much does a diamond necklace cost.


Diamond weight is one of the primary factors affecting its price. Weight is measured with a unit called carats, and each carat is worth 100 points.   A 100 point piece of diamond necklace would be a 1 carat diamond earring.  For example, if a diamond has 53 points, it is a 0.53 carat diamond.

Diamonds can come in much larger carat weights, such as the 4.02 carat diamond necklace pictured.

Weight is usually determined by an electronic scale for the most precise accuracy. Carats do not guarantee quality; a diamond with a small carat weight may be of better quality than a diamond with a high carat weight.


Diamond studs are usually chosen for their sparkle and brilliance. Therefore, the jeweler picks gems for their shine and size as opposed to the color of the diamonds. These factors are determined by the cut of the diamond, which refers to the shape and polish of the stone. The cut of the diamond is what makes a piece of jewelry really shine and sparkle; talk to your diamond dealer to learn more about their process and how they cut diamonds for the highest quality jewelry.


Oddly enough, the less color a diamond has, the more expensive it is. Diamonds that are more yellow are often less valuable and therefore lower in price. Diamonds typically fall into one of three categories, ranging from least expensive to most expensive: faint yellow, nearly colorless, and colorless. Colorless diamonds refract the most light, creating maximum sparkle, shine, and beauty. These diamonds are also the most rare and come with a more expensive price tag. Clarity refers to the “inclusions,” or tiny birthmarks on a diamond. The fewer inclusions, the more expensive, pure, and rare the diamond is.

how much does a diamond necklace cost