How Much does cremation cost?

Cremation Cost, the cost of cremation at today’s society differs from location to location. The cremation prices base on:

located market factors including staff and facility expenses
Specific cremation servicse requested:

  • direct cremation
  • direct cremation with interment at the Memorial Reef
  • Veteran’s Cremation

There is no set answer to this question due to the many factors involved. Most cremation plans fit into three main categories:

  1.  having the body present for visiting hours and a funeral with cremation afterward
  2.  having the body cremated first and then arranging for any services on your own.
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Factors of the cost.

All of these need to be considered for many reasons, not just cost. You can get information on these “packages” and their prices from any reputable funeral director over the phone.

Be careful though. Prices can vary a lot. For example, in some areas one of the above options is called “direct cremation,” meaning that the funeral home will have the body cremated without any arrangement for visiting hours or any type of service.

Be sure you’re comparing apples with apples, but the most important thing is to ask what is included in the price you are given. Ask the person for details, not just prices. With such a big price difference, there is probably also a big difference in what you’re getting.

Notice not only if your question is answered, but the tone and the degree of helpfulness you receive. If the person with the low price tries to tell you that they do the same thing as the guy with the higher price, be careful. We’ve all heard “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”