How much is a stainless steel bracelet worth?

Stainless steel is strong enough for daily use.  As household objects and industrial parts, and this same strength makes it an excellent choice of material for jewelry. Its resistance to scratching allows jewelers to create attractive brushed or etched finishes that will retain their beauty for years.

Womens Anchor Bracelet Gold

Womens Anchor Bracelet Gold

Stainless Steel Fashion Jewelry

It is almost impervious to accidental staining, anodized it will produce a rainbow of colors from a rich, glossy black to the palest golds and pinks.

The hard metal lends itself well to rings and chains that will retain their shape under the stress of regular wear or an active lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Popular jewelry designs include hearts, military-style dog tags, and ID bracelets. Note that it is difficult for a jeweler to resize or to adjust the fit by bending. For jewelry that must be a specific size, it is important to choose the appropriate ring size or chain length.

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