How to clean vintage jewelry? Do you have some easy and effective method to clean jewelry?

How to clean vintage jewelry? Cleaning Step:

1.   There are many products available to clean vintage jewelry.  Make sure that the one you choose does not contain alcohol, acids or ammonia.  If you decide to use a product designed for cleaning jewelry, please read the label and make sure that the product matches the piece.  i.e…don’t use sterling silver cleaner to clean rhinestone jewelry, for instance.
2.  Windex, sprayed onto a soft cloth is a good choice if you do not go the jewelry cleaner route.  BE SURE, in either case, not to spray the cleaner directly onto the jewelry, but rather onto a soft cloth first, in a very small amount…just enough to do the job.  Soapy water is not suggested because it can leave a residue on the jewelry and can make stones look dull.
3.  Before cleaning inspect the jewelry for dust and other grit.  Use a magnifying glass or loupe.  It will help to see if there are any loose stones or settings, which can be tightened before attempting to clean.   In all cases, the softest toothbrush (or make up brush) you can find is a good choice to lightly dust first before attempting to clean the item.  (Be VERY careful when cleaning aurora borealis stones, since they will scratch very easily.)  For specific tips on cleaning rhinestone jewelry, see this page.

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