how do you make a bracelet out of string?

If you want to gift something unique to your friend, then why not make a bracelet? Bracelets are pretty simple to make and through this article we will teach you how to make a bracelet out of string.

Before we learn how to make friendship bracelets out of string, we need to know what are the materials that you will need. Since a bracelet made out of string is pretty simple, you just need to purchase some embroidery thread in contrasting colors and a pair of sharp scissors.There are some steps for how to make a bracelet out of string:
The first step in making a string bracelet is to cut out 2 thread each of about 24 inches in three colors of your choice. (say purple, green and black).
Now line up all the threads in a straight line vertically so that they are in matching pairs.
Hold all the strands together with your fingers and tie a knot on one end, creating a strong loop.
Now separate the strands into the three colors, black, purple and green.
Pin down the knotted section of the strings on to the edge of the table so that when you pull the string towards you, there is some amount of tension on the string.
Braid the strings by starting with the strings on the right hand side. Place the right hand side strings over the middle one and the left hand side strands over the new middle strands.

how do you make a bracelet out of string