how to gift wrap a bracelet?

Bracelets are beautiful pieces of jewelry to give as a gift to a loved one of any age.So how to gift wrap a bracelet when give your parents or friends. Gift wrapping bracelets should be done with care, so they do not become damaged even before giving it to the loved one. After all, you want the person receiving the gift to enjoy its beauty in one piece.

Place a small piece of cotton batting on a table. The batting serves as the protective backing on the necklace and keeps the jewelry from getting scratched or otherwise damaged. Lay the necklace on top of the cotton batting and wrap the cotton around the necklace. Secure with a small piece of tape.

Set the cotton-wrapped necklace inside a small gift box, such as one specifically made for jewelry. Once you put the lid on the box, wrap in one shade or pattern of wrapping paper. Wrap a small piece of ribbon around the box.

Put this smaller box inside a box that’s slightly larger. Wrap that box in a different color of wrapping paper and place inside a larger box. Keep placing the boxes inside bigger boxes and wrapping until you have a larger gift that will surprise the recipient.

Skip the cotton batting step and instead, run a small piece of ribbon through the necklace. Thoroughly wash a glass bottle, such as a wine or champagne bottle. Drop the necklace into the bottle, keeping a small length of the ribbon outside the bottle. Insert a cork and wrap as usual. The cork keeps the ribbon in place and keeps the necklace from falling out.

Slip a piece of ribbon through the necklace and then slide the piece through the end of an empty paper towel roll. Bring the ends together at the middle of the holder and tie off. Fill the paper towel roll with confetti and place a few pieces of tape at each end, which keeps the confetti from spilling out. Cover the roll with wrapping paper.

how to gift wrap a bracelet