how to engrave leather bracelets?

With the help of the right tools, you can learn to how to engrave leather bracelets or engrave your personalized name at home by yourself so easily. Use embossing stamps to create simple designs or modeling tools for more elaborate stencils and freehand designs.

Pick a design. For this technique, you will need to use craft embossing stamps, so you will also need to plan a design based on the embossing stamps you’re able to find.

Determine the design placement. Determine how far apart you want each stamped image to be before you start any engraving.

Wipe the leather with a damp sponge. Thoroughly wipe both sides of the leather bracelet with a mildly damp sponge. The leather needs to be moist, but it should not be soaked.

Place the first stamp. Place the bracelet down on a hard working surface and carefully position your first stamp in its proper spot.

Tap the stamp with a mallet. Hold the stamp securely with your non-dominant hand and strike the end of the stamp with a mallet using your dominant hand.

Repeat with the remaining stamps. Place the remaining stamps in their proper place and strike them with the mallet. Work with the stamps one at a time.

Let the bracelet dry. Set the bracelet aside and allow any remaining dampness to dry. Once the leather dries, the engraved images should set and the bracelet should be ready to wear.

how to engrave leather bracelets