how to knit with wire?

How to knit with wire is similar to knitting with yarn, but at the same time it’s completely different. The technique is the same, but the wire is harder to work with, meaning you’ll progress a lot more slowly than if you were knitting the same project with yarn.

Knit stitches also look different when worked in wire rather than fiber, but there’s still something about those loops that’s unmistakably knit.

If you’ve never knit with wire before, this is a good first project because it’s pretty easy, gives you lots of practice and is relatively forgiving. And you can change it up a million different ways.


  • a spool of 24 yards of 28-gauge artistic wire (you’ll use about half), silver or color of your choice
  • one pair size 4 US knitting needles
  • 15 or more beads, depending on how you design your bracelet (any style will work, I used square, flat beads)
  • heavy-duty scissors or wire cutters
  • a toggle clasp or other closure (optional)
  • Instructions:
    1. Before beginning, slide all the beads you’ll be using onto the wire and allow them to hang out below the part of the wire you’re currently knitting with.
    2. Using the wrap cast on method, cast on 8 stitches. Leave a tail of about 6 inches to attach your clasp later, if you’re using one.
    3. Knit two rows.
    4. On the next row, knit the first stitch, slide a bead into position between the first and second stitch and knit three more stitches. Slide on another bead, knit three more stitches, slide another bead, knit the last stitch. If you’re using flat beads, the opposite side from this row will be the to knit with wire