How to make diffuser oil? Do you have some great method to make your own diffuser oil? If not, may be you can consider use our method to make your diffuser oil.

Like most people, I love my house best when it is clean and when it smells good too. I think I care about the fresh scent thing maybe more than usual because we have two cats (and two litter boxes), and I’m always terrified that we could become that house that announces multiple pet ownership to guests when they first walk in the door and take a sniff – NO! I have used candles in the past, but I’m also trying to make our house as healthy and natural as possible these days, so I thought it would be so fun to learn how to make my own essential oil diffuser so I can freshen the house without any icky toxins or chemicals. The best part is it will literally take you under a minute to make your own in whatever scent you choose!

How to make diffuser oil?

-essential oil of your choice (You’ll want a total of .5-1.0 oz per diffuser depending on how full you want your diffuser to be.)
-Sweet almond oil.
-glass or ceramic jar with a small neck or opening (I reused a container from an empty diffuser.)

Clean out your container with hot soapy water and rinse well. Add in a ratio of 30% essential oil and 70% almond oil. Swirl the jar to mix.

If the opening in your jar is too small to pour in the oils without making a mess, you can mix them together first in a glass measuring cup or bowl, and then pour them in with a funnel once mixed.

Drop 3-5 diffuser oil on the locket pad, let the oil some time to travel up from the locket before you start really smelling the scent. When the scent starts to lessen, simply flip the reeds upside down and the sent will be renewed. Repeat the process when the oil is gone!how to make diffuser oil

how to make diffuser oil