how to make a nylon bracelet?

How to make a nylon bracelet-a way to make bracelets out of string Here I prepare the “how to make nylon bracelets” tutorial which aims to help you use a different way to make bracelets out of string; this bracelet we are going to make is sailor knot bracelet; hope you will enjoy!Today, we will learn how to make nylon bracelets,or rather, a simple way to make bracelets out ofstring; the main knot we get use is a single sailorknot; so this bracelet will appea r before us inextremely cool look.

The brief things we need:  1mm nylon thread in pink and black colors  2mm nylon thread in gradient colors  Bead tips  Chains  Jump rings  Scissors  Clasp  Lighter  Wire cutter  PliersThe below is specific way:

Step 1: prepare the braiding cordfor sailor knotFirst, take 2mm cord as axis; pick 2 pieces eachmeasuring 20c m or so, fold them and add abead tip to clamp their ends respectively;Second, braid lark knots to wrap axis cords;Third, cut excess cords, melt ends wit h lighterand clamp another 2 bead tips to each;

Step 2: make sailor knot

Step 3: finalize the nylon bracelet bracelet Attach clasp onto and adjust. First, use above said braided cords to make a sailor knot; Second, link chains to both ends of the 2 cords by jump rings;We are learning an understandable way to make bracelets out of string; so take it easy; just witha relaxed mood, you can quickly make out t his bracelet.

how to make a nylon bracelet