What is pendant ?

What is pendant ?Pendant, a kind of jewelry, wearing around the neck of accessories, for metal, especially stainless steel and silver, ores, crystal, etc.As long as it is used to pray for peace, calm heart and beautiful as the main purpose.

Ashes Pendant Necklace for Adults

Pendant classification

The main popular is diamond pendant.General diamond pendant common news materials mainly for: platinum diamond pendant, 18 k yellow gold diamond pendant.For common diamond pendant, it has been many wedding bride buy pendant.

The difference between necklace and pendant

Set in the necklace, necklace pendant on the necklace charm, according to the height and thickness of the neck, can choose different length of the necklace, the same necklaces to match different pendants, necklace can wear alone, must through the necklace pendant on her neck.General pendant, necklace is separate to buy jewelry store, you can choose one you like necklace, tie-in and different pendants.

Pendant maintenance

1. Avoid contact with chemicals: the most taboo pt950 diamond pendant is chemical products.Especially oxygen bleach, it will be corrosion, platinum, lead to platinum color or fade.When worn, avoid direct contact with perfume, detergent, etc., not to wear, will be kept.

2. Cleaning: carefully before wearing to examine pt950 diamond pendants, such as cuff links, Mosaic and so on, to prevent the pendant off.Every half a month, it is better to put diamond hanging drop in spending half an hour or so, alcohol to remove rinse off with clear water, both to the dirt on the surface of the jewelry clean.

3. Strenuous exercise: if it is a strenuous exercise, like running, fitness, bathing, etc, it is best to pick a diamond pendant.