how to make a skull ring?

Finger rings in the shape of sculpted human skulls are a part of many fashion scenes, this article will show you how to make a skull ring,ranging from goth to bikers to Halloween accessories. Today’s easy Halloween craft project idea is on making a skull head ring. You just need to glue some skull heads and some red rhinestone beads on the ring component. It’s so easy to make and you can make it with your kids.

Materials and tools needed in the skull ring:

Red Montee Rhinestones Beads
Alloy Charms Pendants
Brass Pad Ring Components
DIY Jewelry Tool Sets

Step 1: Glue six skull head across the ring component.

Step 2: Glue a skull head on the middle of the ring component, and keep gluing a circle of red rhinestone bead across the skull head.

Cut a triangular hole for the skull’s nose hollow using the tip of the pin.

Shape the teeth of the skull using tiny, vertical cuts in the flat bottom edge of the skull.

Pull another tiny piece of clay from the package; this should be roughly the size of a split pea, or about 1/16th of a teaspoon. Soften this with moist fingertips and press it against the inside of the ring band, just below the skull. Press the lump of clay up and around the band to touch the underside of the skull. Blend it against the clay of the skull; this will create a strong fastening bond between the skull and the silver band.

It’s really an easy but special ring. These strange skull heads add some horrific smell to the skull head ring. Besides, the red rhinestone beads make the ring more attracting. Never hesitate to make one. Keep attention on our website to wait for more Halloween craft ideas.

how to make a skull ring