how to make a wrap bracelet?

The wrap bracelets are more and more popular around the world,this article will show you how to make a wrap bracelet and you can show your  fashionable and new style before your friend.

Steps of how to make a wrap bracelet

1.First figure out how many wraps you want to make. Measure that distance, double it, and add around 4′ extra for the loops at the end.
2.cut your cord and fold in half with your button strung on at the center point. Thread the cord up through one hole in the button and down through the other. Make adjustments until the button is centered on the cord. Then tie a tight overhand knot with the cords just below the button.
3.Secure the Cord on the Clipboard and Begin the Thread, Clamp the button end of the cord beneath the clip on your clipboard. Thread the needle for double-strand beading, but do not attach a bead stop. Bring the ends of the thread together, and use a square knot to tie them around one strand of the leather cord close to the clip on the clipboard.

4.Pick up the bead with the needle, Pass the needle back through the bead on top of both leather cords. Use your fingers to hold the bead in place while you pull the thread taut. Pull slowly to avoid tangles, and make sure that both strands of your double strand of thread pull down snugly against the leather cord.

5.Slide the first bead a little closer to the clip on the clipboard. Do this for the first few beads that you stitch so that your beadwork begins relatively close to the button. Make the Second Stitch, Pass back through the beads, and slowly pull the thread taut again.

6.Tie an overhand knot with both strands of leather cord close the last bead in your band, and use your fingers to cinch it down as tight as you can. Using the button as a measuring guide, begin a second overhand knot. Cinch down the second knot, being careful not to make the space between the knots too small for the button. Double check the fit with your button one last time before cinching down the second knot as tight as you can.

how to make a wrap bracelet