how to make a wrap bracelet with beads and leather?

A double wrap leather beaded bracelet uses a technique called “laddering” and we should how to make a wrap bracelet with beads and leather. Where beads are threaded between leather cord, like a ladder. These bracelets were popularized in the nineties with double wrap pearl bracelets. The lustrous sheen of a pearl does complement the sleekness of leather well, but I love the way these bracelets look with organic gemstones, sparkle beads, or a creative mix of whatever strikes your fancy.

These wrap bracelets look relatively easy to make, and they are, but they do require a bit of a time investment if it’s your first time making them. It’s a perfect project for sitting on the beach or outside on a cool summer morning.

Measure the leather cord to suit your wrist and bracelet length. The standard length of a women’s bracelet is 7 inches. This diy bracelet wraps around twice, so double that length and add 4 inches for the closure to get 18 inches. Since the leather cord will run down both sides of the bracelet, multiply by 2. A 36-inch leather cord will make this bracelet.

Cut about 18 inches of leather cord for every wrap layer you want to make.  For three wraps, I used 54 inches of leather cord.  Find the halfway point of your cord, and tie an overhand knot to make your loop closure.  Be sure that your button fits snugly through the loop you tied – not too tight or too loose.

Thread your needle. You’ll want to double up your thread for strength.  I generally work with about 3 feet at a time, but any length you’re comfortable with will work fine, because you will need to add length a few times as you work anyway.Tie the thread onto one side of your cord.  I work from left to right, personally, so I tie my thread onto the left cord, and all my directions will work from left to right.  If the opposite works better for you, feel free to reverse your direction – it will still work fine!

how to make a wrap bracelet with beads and leather