how to make hoop earrings?

Hoop earrings are accessories that are worn throughout the world so we can learn how to make hoop earrings.They open and close through the use of a hook mechanism. You can buy hoop earrings in clothing or jewelry stores, but you can also make your own. The parts needed to make hoop earrings are available at a crafts or bead store. Use these tips to make your own hoop earrings.

Make Hoop Earrings with Seed or Bugle Beads

Unbend the end of a wire hook. Pull the hooked end of the hoop earring wire straight enough so that you are able to slide a seed bead or bugle bead onto the wire without difficulty. Use chain-nosed pliers to unbend the end of the hook.

Add the beads. Insert the straightened wire through the hole in the bead. String as many beads as you desire onto the hoop earring wire.

Re-bend the straightened hook. Use chain-nosed pliers to pull the straightened end of the earring wire back into a hooked position.

Make a loop.

  • Bend the remaining length of the head pin 90 degrees over the top of the bead. Use round-nosed pliers to bend the head pin.
  • Bring the cut edge of the head pin back towards the hole in the bead to form a loop.
  • Bend the entire loop back so that it stands straight above the hole in the bead.
  • Press the ends of the loop together with chain-nosed pliers. This will close the loop and keep the bead securely on the head pin.

Close the hoop earring. Insert the other end of the hoop earring wire into the hooked end of the earring. To wear the earring, insert the non-hooked end through the front of your earlobe. Attach that end to the hooked end of the earring.

how to make hoop earrings