how to make leather bracelets?

Tired of paying high prices for leather jewelry you could easily to how to make leather bracelets? Then get out your crafting gear, and make your own leather bracelets from scratch! The process is easy, and you will be left with a handmade, sophisticated piece of jewelry. Try one of these five techniques for making your own leather bracelet at home, and show off your creative sense of style.

Gather your materials. You can find leather supplies at most craft stores or online. To create a beaded leather bracelet, you will need leather chord or strips, as well as beads with holes large enough to fit the leather.

Measure and cut the leather. Cut 2 strands of leather cord or strips with scissors. When crafting leather bracelets, you can estimate the length by wrapping the strand around your wrist and adding a few more inches to the overall length to compensate for a tie.

Knot the ends. Tie the strands together at 1 end with a secure knot, leaving a bit of leather on the end for tying the bracelet around your wrist. For the easiest beading process, tape one end to a tabletop or pin it to your pant leg.

Begin beading. Place a single bead onto one of the strings and slide it to the base of the knot.

Slide the second piece of leather through the bead. The leather chord should slide in the same bead from the opposite side. This will create a loop around the bead, securing it in place. This process will be done for every bead added.

Continue adding beads. Continue adding beads to your bracelet by sliding a single bead up one of the strands, and then pulling the same strand through the center in the opposite direction. Do this until your bracelet is long enough to wrap around your entire wrist.

how to make leather bracelets